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No : Comprobe Sodera
Name : WideBand Bluetooth 4.2 Protocol Analyzer and Packet Sniffer
¡D¡yONE-CLICK SNIFFING s¡z:Click one button to see every device and connection in the air and over the wire, then select the connections you want to decrypt¡C
¡D¡yWireless Captures¡z :Whole-band 2.4 GHz ISM captures, Capture ALL over-the-air Bluetooth packets, fully synchronized and time stamped, in the 2.4 GHz band¡CCapture ALL Bluetooth wireless channels concurrently, Including Bluetooth Classic (BR/EDR) / Bluetooth Smart Ready¡Clow energy traffic / Bluetooth Smart¡C
¡D¡yCapture Now, Decrypt Later¡z: Every Bluetooth channel captured concurrently for decryption and analysis at any time¡CEasily capture the entire connection process, including SSP pairing, for decryption and debugging at any time¡C
¡D¡yWI-FI MEETS BLUETOOTH¡z: With the ComProbe 802.11, see Wi-Fi packets synced with Bluetooth packets to reveal collisions and other issues¡C
¡D¡yADVANCED AUDIO ANALYSIS¡z: Works seamlessly with Audio Expert System to detect and identify Bluetooth events that cause audio problems¡C
¡D¡yEXCURSION MODE¡z: Leave your computer at the office: one button is all you need in the field to gather data for later decryption and analysis¡C
¡D¡yEasy, Powerful, and Intuitive¡z: Analyze and troubleshoot captured data using Frontline¡¦s ComProbe software and views¡C
¡D¡yAnalyze Multiple Piconets¡z: ntuitive analysis of multiple wireless devices and connections
¡D¡yPeerless Portability¡z: On-board battery and with a small footprint means you can work when and where you need to¡C
¡D¡yFully Configurable¡z: Software-defined radio means no hardware changes required as the Bluetooth wireless technology evolves
¡D¡yTotal Audio and Protocol Event Correlation¡z: Works with the Audio Expert System software module to quickly solve Bluetooth protocol related audio issues
¡D¡yBuilt in battery pack¡z for continuous operation - even if power is interrupted, the ComProbe Sodera analyzer continues capturing data
¡D¡yBuilt on the powerful ComProbe software, used by engineers around the world to develop and quickly troubleshoot their Bluetooth Smart and Smart Ready devices
¡D¡yWorks with the Bluetooth Audio Expert System software module¡z for ease in troubleshooting Bluetooth protocol related audio issues
¡D¡yFull Bluetooth 4.2 Compliant ¡z- uses a software defined radio technology to ease future Bluetooth specification changes and updates
¡D¡yEvery Bluetooth channel and packet type captured simultaneously¡z, as they occur: 1.All pre-connection traffic ¡V Paging and Inquiry, Frequency Hopping Sequence (FHS) 2. All Bluetooth Smart Ready ("Classic" - BR/EDR) packets 3. All Bluetooth Smart (low energy - LE) packets 4. BOTH Bluetooth Smart and Smart Ready (low energy and "Classic") packets together in a single coexistence view¡C