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No : Performer Series
Name : 3G UMTS/WCDMA Core Network Protocol Analyzer
¡DKey Feature:
¡DModel No. P1000(Portable Type)/ Model No. R1000 (rack Type)
¡DA comprehensive high performance test solution for vendor R&D and QA labs, service provider QA labs and field service technicians¡C
¡DProviding protocol analyzer capabilities, it offers a range of interfaces and tools for troubleshooting and monitoring a wide range of technologies. ¡C
¡DAn ideal tool for monitoring and troubleshooting performance of a wide range of networks at all seven layers ¡C
¡DAvailable in both portable and scalable rack-mount configurations. ¡C
¡DSupport Multiple interfaces¡C
¡DSupport Multi-technology operation¡C
¡DSupport Remote operation¡C
¡DTrue portability in terms of size and weight¡C
¡DSupport capability for connecting to any PC¡C
¡DSupport of over 600 different protocols¡C
¡DA scalable solution for 3G UMTS/WCDMA Core Network Protocol Analysis¡C
¡DProviding Plug-in interface modules for flexibility¡C
¡DAvailable on a number of platforms which you can match to your requirements.¡C
¡DSupport Simultaneous running of a number of applications¡C
¡DIncludes the following applications: Packets capture and Decodes¡BPhysical Layer Statistics¡BTraffic Generator¡BAnalysis and Statistics¡BRange of Cellular Analyzers¡BRange of VoIP applications¡C