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No : TV Control¡BStereo Control¡BAir Conditioner
Name : TV Control¡BStereo Control¡BAir Conditioner Smart Control solution
¡DSome of the most important Smart Home applications will be listed as TV Control¡BStereo Control¡BAir Conditioner Smart Control solution¡C
¡DThese application will be much difficult than the general On/off control the lighting, lamp etc. the key reason will be the consumer electronics manufacture they normally won¡¦t like to release the communication protocol and always control the channels¡Bvolumes by remote controller , that will make the systems become very close , and not easy to be integrated by other system to make advance smart home control. ¡C
¡DDue to our great experience and electronics techniques, we still can provided limited model no. of electronics devices like TV Control¡BStereo Control¡BAir Conditioner to work with our Smart Home Solutions. ¡C
¡DThe TV Control¡BStereo Control¡BAir Conditioner Smart Control solution will need to be decided to implement before the evaluation the possibility by our technical teams to ensure the success for the system performance will be advice. ¡C