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No : Linkmatik 2.0
Name : Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR Module
¡D LinkMatik 2.0 is a serial / PCM audio to Bluetooth data link ¡C
¡DIt can be controlled from a host controller using simple commands¡C.
¡DLinkMatik 2.0 can also operate without a host controller for point-to-point serial connections.
¡DAuto-Slave and Auto-Master configurations for no-host control, otherwise controlled with simple command set¡C
¡DConnects with up to 4 slaves (command mode only) ¡C
¡DPCM audio profile (command mode only) ¡C
¡DBluetooth 2.0 +¡@¢Ó¢Ò¢à certified, maximum actual serial data rate supported is about 600kbps.¡C
¡DLinkMatik 2.0 can be interfaced to many standard Bluetooth devices, e.g. Laptop computers, PDA¡¦s,Mobile phones etc.
¡DFCC / CE certified with integral antenna¡C
¡DMaximum 570 kb/s data rate in serial mode¡C
¡D End-to-end latency 8-15 ms¡C
¡D Low power: ~25mA transmitting, 370µA sleep¡C
¡D Authentication and encryption¡C
¡D Device discovery¡C
¡D Sniff, park and hold low power modes¡C
¡D Hardware flow control or no flow control ¡C
¡D Bluetooth error correction layer ¡C
¡D Class I Bluetooth radio, 100m range¡C 3.3-5V supply (DIL), or 3.3V supply (SO) ¡C
¡D Wide range of baud rates up to 2.7Mbaud (serial port only, not over-the-air)¡C
¡D• Direct access to PDA¡¦s¡B Laptops¡BMobile Phones etc ¡C
¡D• Wireless audio¡C
¡D• Cable replacement¡C
¡D• Process Control¡C
¡D• Robotics¡C


No : TP20-DIL
Name : Toothpick 2.1 Bluetooth V 2.0+EDR Module
¡DFCC / CE certified Class 1 Bluetooth V2.0 radio, 100m range, integral antenna¡C
¡D128Kbyte Flash, 3.5K RAM, 1K EPROM up to 512Kbyte I2C external memory¡C
¡D12 ¡Ñ 10-bit A to D converter¡C
¡D5 ¡Ñ 10-bit PWM outputs¡C
¡D Serial UART, I2C and SPI communications¡C
¡D 2 interrupts¡C
¡D PCM audio features anticipated¡C
¡D 24MHz and 32KHz oscillators¡C
¡D Low dropout 400mA power regulator¡C
¡D 51 x 22 mm through-hole and surface mount¡C
¡Dcreates user interfaces on computers, PDAs, cellphones with no development needed on remote devices¡C
¡D• Wireless field programming lets developers¡C
¡Ddistribute firmware upgrades electronically¡C
¡D• System services including: Bluetooth¡C
¡Dcommunications, interrupt and memory¡C
¡Dmanagement, sleep-safe real time clock with daylight savings time / day-of-week calculator¡C
¡DPre-tested Firmware Solutions ready forimmediate standalone operation¡C
¡DToothpick Slave where Toothpick is controlled by a host processor via a serial link¡C
¡DStandalone Toothpick programmable in C for low-cost, customized standalone operation¡C