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No : OPT-303
Name : Advanced Optical communication lab experiment equipment
¡DA optical communication experiment equipment with advance level lab that trains student with optic optical communication application system¡C
¡DBuild in experiment to apply 1310nm, 1550nm light source to have advance optical commuincation experiment addtional to 650nm wavelength experiment¡C
¡DWave length multiplex (WDM) components to be used as WDM application Optical communication experiment¡C
¡DA fiber optic communication test experimental equipment, ¡C
¡D3 main light source with wavelength 650nm/1310nm/1550nm. ¡C
¡DProvided single mode/multi mode fiber optics / audio transmission for various professional experiments. ¡C
¡DAll the experiments can be done in this equipment without high priced fiber optic test equipments since this equipment has 2 channel functionalities movement digital oscilloscope and optic power meter that can test physical features and response principle of optical communication elements, refraction, total reflection, noise, and loss¡C
¡DCan be controlled by a dedicated software with a optimized PC interface, not by a hardware¡C
¡DUp to 27 experiments exercise are provided in Experiments Text Book¡C
¡DLight source : FP-LD(1310, 1550nm - singlemode wavelength), FP-LD(650nm - Multimode wavelength)¡C
¡DOptical Detector : InGaAs Pin PD¡C
¡DDiode : Si, Ge¡C
¡DDigital Control : FPGA(EP1K100QC208), SRAM(256k * 16 15ns) ¡C
¡DSignal Input : internal(Function generator - Frequency range : 10Hz~50kHz, ¡C
¡DAmplitude : 0V~ 5Vpp¡C
¡DSignal Output Terminal : BNC, RCA, RS-232C, Parallel, Mini to jack¡C