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  • Frontline Test Equipment, Inc. has acquired the BPA 100 and BPA 105 Bluetooth Protocol Analyzer products along with existing customers service, support and warranty responsibility from Tektronix.

  • Ready international INC. invested more marketing & technical resource to promote Frontline Test Equipment (FTE), Inc. after being their distributor for Taiwan region. Ready's sales & technical team will maintain a high quality presales and after sales activities for close partnership with FTE. Ready international Inc. will dedicate to promote FTE's protocol analysis products line and release update products news in their recent road shows.

  • Freescale released their super broadband UWB Bluetooth Chips. In WiCon Americas shows, they demonstrate their new products with his partners-Open Interface and Frontline Test Equipment (FTE) to show his new product's powerful features tracking the protocol with their new technology additional to transmitting UWB signals with Bluetooth protocol.

  • Ready international INC. will release their high performance 300 MHz digital Storage Oscilloscope in near future.

  • Frontline Test Equipment (FTE)'s competitive USB protocol analyzer and packet sniffer press released in Taiwan through Ready international Inc. road shows and Spring Electronics exhibitions that attract a lot of customers for R&D and test engineers in Taiwan.

  • Ready international INC. set up a training center that enable their customers to have good opportunity to take training for any of new products bought from Ready international INC.

  • New USB system and storage port that applied on WENS's 3000 series bench type digital storage oscilloscope (DSO) was introduced by Ready international INC on their routine road shows; this new technology did bring a lot of value for R&D and test at job site for manufacturing facilities. This breakthrough will have traditional storage way with floppy disk disappear in history shortly, and change the thinking for Taiwanese engineers.